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Organization Survey

If you are asking me to help tell your story on LinkedIn it is essential that your organization have a company page on LinkedIn and it is helpful if you have at least a handful (say no fewer than three or 25% of your staff – whichever is lower) of employees on LinkedIn (since they will be publishing the posts for your organization – remember a company cannot author a post). Please be assured that all information you submit through the survey below is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

Your Organization's name and link to your website

Email address (recipient of proposal)

Who are your top three local competitors?

What about non-local competitors - list your top three if you're concerned about them

Do you sell to individuals? Businesses? Both? If the last can you give some ideas of proportions for each?

Is there anything unusual about your customers - demographics? language? Do you consider yourself a 'neighbourhood' store?

Pick 5-7 qualities that you feel describe your company's products and/or services

affordableuniqueexoticpractical and down-to-earthlocally sourced/producedradicalcutting-edgeold-fashionedtraditionalvalue for moneytimelessnicheluxuriouselitistbrand-consciousyouthfulconservativealternativesecret (restricted to those in the know)top of the linehand-craftedearth-friendlyplayfulephemeraldurableinfinitely customizableaesthetically pleasingdeliciousnourishingefficienteffectivewelcomingsymboliciconicone-offcreates loyaltyfor localsfor touristsfor everyoneusefulcollaborativeopen to customer inputgreat staff

Which do you think of the qualities that you indicated above are the ones that distinguish you from your competition (pick no more than 3)?

What does your organization do that you are especially proud of (could be something to do with your service or product or could be an initiative undertaken to help the less fortunate or compete in a sporting event or ....)?

Is there anything else I should know about your organization?

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