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How to Use YYJWorks

How to Get the Most out of YYJWorks

Welcome to YYJWorks – if you’re new to the website I thought it might be helpful to give you some ideas on how you might use it to your best advantage. Simply click on the link in the list below that best describes you:

Coming to Victoria?
If you are thinking about moving to Victoria to live – whether from elsewhere in Canada or another country – here’s what I suggest.

  • start with my five ‘thinking outside the box’ ideas to learn more about Victoria from afar
  • decide what kind of job you might be looking for and track the characteristics (number of postings of that kind of job per week, pay, education required, location) of jobs that appeal to you in the periodically issued fresh sheets – this will help you decide if you need to readjust your criteria for finding work in Victoria
  • feel free to use the employment challenge form to send me a note about any particular questions you might have

Newcomer in Victoria?
If you are new to Victoria, first of all – WELCOME TO PARADISE! Secondly, sorry about the employment situation which is certainly not as ‘milk and honey’ as you might have been expecting/led to believe (but take heart, there are lots of generous, friendly folk – including me – who will help you). Here are my suggestions:

Are you graduating soon from University or College?
If you are graduating soon from University or College (whether here in Victoria or elsewhere) here are my suggestions:

  • check out career resources at your school (here are the appropriate links for Camosun College, University of Victoria and Royal Roads)
  • while still a student make sure and join any relevant organizations (since student membership is often cheaper) and take advantage of the perks that are available to you as a student (i.e. educationally priced software, discounts on computer hardware and employment services like resumes or coaching)
  • have a look at the tips above for newcomers – you’re sure to find something of value there
  • feel free to use the employment challenge form to send me a note about any particular questions you might have

Are you looking for job in a specific field, with a specific employer or with a specific job title?
If you are looking for a job in a particular field (human resources, accounting) here’s how you can use YYJWorks to your best advantage:

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