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Am I a curator?

As this article from Clickz says ‘curation’ is all the rage these days and it seems only a natural outgrowth of an Internet and Social Media environment that is so noisy that it’s very difficult (if not impossible) for anyone to keep up with what’s important.

But I don’t know that what I am doing is curation rather than just trying to help people by saving them some time and effort by putting new job openings – pulled from a variety of sources – in a single place rather than job hunters having to go to each of these online job boards personally. Here are some things that the above-mentioned article talks about and my assessment of how I’m doing on each of them (I won’t go through the whole list but just focus on what I see as the most important five).

People matter

I think this one is demonstrated by the fact that YYJWorks exists at all – it is, at this point, just there as a service to Victoria job hunters that are looking for work. Although there are Google Ads on the site they bring in very little money and although I suppose I might try and come up with some ideas for monetization in the future I am much more concerned with how I can expand the site and make it much more useful and helpful to job hunters. I truly believe that if, over time, I build a great site there will be opportunities to make a modest income from it at some point in the future.

It’s a commitment

I’ve been doing this consistently now since May 2011 which isn’t a great amount of time but I think demonstrates that you shouldn’t call me a ‘flash in the pan’ just yet. I do have some plans to enhance the daily fresh sheet by putting together some profiles of frequently featured employers (like the University of Victoria, Royal Roads, the Provincial Government and the Greater Victoria School District No. 61) and perhaps offering some additional information on the sheet itself (perhaps salary for example).

Think niche

Obviously I am in a pretty narrow niche already so I think I’ve slam dunked this one.

What you leave out is as important as what you leave in

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere I don’t include jobs from the Service Canada federal job bank or from craigslist or any of the big job hunting sites like Monster.ca . I don’t think there is value for YOU – the job hunter – in having me trolling these sites for opportunities. But if you disagree please let me know by leaving a comment or dropping me an email.

Focus on becoming a “resource,” not just an “event.”

This is one where I need your help. How can I make this entire blog much more useful to you so that it is not just where you come to look for today’s job listings but has information and resources that you can’t find elsewhere. What are the concerns of Victoria job hunters (other than simply finding work of course!)? Again – if you have any ideas please let me know by leaving a comment or dropping me an email – I think I’ll also start running a poll to try and capture some of this information.

So what do you think – am I a curator or am I something else? Is what I’m doing valuable? Is there a way I can change what I’m doing to make it more relevant, helpful or useful to you personally?

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