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The Power of Podcasts – Part II

Here are some other types of podcasts I recommend.

Challenge everything – it can sometimes be really good to try something outside your comfort zone or investigate a topic/personality/attitude that you have no interest in or perhaps even actively dislike or disapprove of. There are amazing podcasts about the most arcane of subjects so it shouldn’t be hard to locate material. I think it is pretty easy to argue that despite the absolutely overwhelming quantity of choices we have today in terms of getting our news or forming our opinions or learning about events outside our own personal sphere we frequently tend to stay within known and easily digestible (to our own particular palate) sources. So try something new – if you usually listen to NPR perhaps try a Fox or CNN program on the same issue (and vice versa). Try Al Jazeera or the BBC or any show in a language you understand that is not from your place of origin.

Be prepared – in every sense of the word – whether you are unemployed, underemployed, closing in on retirement or not yet old enough to be looking for work there is great value in having a deeper understanding in the way the world of work/jobs/business/career is changing and how you can lessen the chances you will be on the outside looking in when you need to be (for economical, psychological and practical reasons) involved and functioning to your full potential. Trendspotters and thinkers like Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Chip Conley, Malcolm Gladwell can help you get a grip on how things are morphing and you can take the knowledge you gain from them and start looking at what do you need to be doing to make yourself and what you do – to use Seth Godin’s term – remarkable. Whether this means learning new skills, taking a risk, creating art or doing a complete U-turn in your life/career/education/relationships will be up to you. There are lots of podcasts that can inspire, reassure and challenge you in this new paradigm of job creation and entrepreneurship versus the old model.

Along with the iTunes store there are some other sources for podcasts though many are uneven and you may download some duds along with some golden material. Try Alternatives from St. James Church in London. Personal Life Media is also worth checking out. This is more than a couple years old now but here’s a list of TED talks in audio format.

I hope now your MP3 player is filled up with fascinating, thought provoking and inspiring podcasts that will stimulate you to explore new topics, question your own assumptions and contemplate how you might do things differently to improve your own outcomes whether its in terms of everyday well-being to going after a new and exciting opportunity.

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