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As you might have noticed if you come by YYJWorks often (and I hope you do!) I have been somewhat intermittently posting fresh sheets this summer. I have never really explored Europe – it’s always seemed too far away and far too expensive for a budget traveler based on Canada’s west coast. But now, based in Sweden (where I am doing a Master’s in International Health until June 2014), and with contacts established in numerous countries that give me access to places to stay it seems a shame to miss out. By the time school resumes in September I will have visited Klaipeda (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), Helsinki, Karlskrona (southern Sweden) and Copenhagen.

I do feel a teeny bit guilty about not living up to the daily posting of fresh sheets but only a teeny bit. After all – rumour has it that you only live once in which case it would be a real pity to miss out on all these wonderful opportunities.

But I promise that come the fall things will become a lot more interesting and – hopefully – useful for Victoria jobseekers. I want to improve my website with three key concepts in mind. The first is to be relentlessly useful and helpful – to provide information that would be time-consuming, difficult or perhaps even impossible for you to access yourself. Not sure how I’m going to accomplish that last one but I have some ideas up my sleeve. There’s a mixed metaphor for you.

The second concept is to give you a platform to tell your stories. I think it is very difficult being a jobseeker in today’s economic climate anywhere but that Victoria has some particular challenges. I want to follow some of you through your jobseeking process and tell your story to your fellow seekers (anonymously of course). More on that later.

The final thing I want to do is create an offline guide that you can print or have on your device (smartphone, laptop, iPad?) to help you in your job search. I see something very practical and ‘step based’ (i.e. ’10 must dos before you start your job search in Victoria’) with lots of useful background information on Victoria’s biggest employers as well as an A-Z type list of topics of concern to the jobseeker. I see this as coming out at around 65-80 pages and I’m hoping to offer it as a very reasonably priced eBook – perhaps in the range of $2.99.

So these things, in addition to reliable, daily fresh sheets, are what’s going to be in the works starting in a month. For now though it’s off to Helsinki bright and early tomorrow (plane leaves at 6:40 am from Arlanda) and back on Thursday, August 1 (how did it get to be August already?). In the meantime feel free to comment on what you think about my plans and, as always, good luck with your job search.


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