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Happy New Year and happy job-hunting!

Hej from Sweden where I am entering the final few months of my Master’s degree in International Health. The next five months will be spent on my thesis/degree project which will be presented to my classmates and teachers on May 27 or 28th. Graduation will follow sometime in early June (assuming that the project is passed of course) and I will then take off for almost 7 weeks of rest and recreation in India before returning to Victoria in late July or early August 2014.

Uppsala IH (118)

Uppsala Domkyrka (cathedral) last winter – this year there has been hardly any snow

I have ambitious plans for YYJWorks (yeah, I know, you’ve heard this before!) and I am sure that being back in Victoria and meeting many of you face-to-face will give me the push I need to achieve the goals I am setting for the website. In the meantime the fresh sheets will continue with a few interruptions since I am taking advantage of being in Europe to get in a little more traveling before I head back to the distant colonies. Next week I am off to Nice for a week and though I might post one fresh sheet during that time I make no promises.

I’ll close by saying Happy New Year and hope that it is one in which you find a job that really fits you and that also has the potential to let you develop new skills and use your strengths to their full extent. And if you don’t have such a job I am hopeful that by the end of 2014 YYJWorks will be much better equipped to help you find it. Onward!

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