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Welcome to YYJWorks – I hope I can be of assistance to you in your job search. I’m now back from Uppsala, Sweden, (I got back to Canada on July 27, 2014) where I spent two years doing a master’s in International Health. I am also now in the same situation as many of you reading this – looking for a job. However, I am very fortunate in that I have lots of options and some resources to fall back on that mean I can spend some time (at least a few months) exploring to find a good fit and of course enjoying being back in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Although I have ambitious plans for YYJWorks at this point nothing has changed so the advice below still holds. Good luck with your job search.

If you’re looking for job listings you’ve got a few choices:

If it’s other things you’re looking for feel free to explore jobseeker resources, networking ideas and articles on a variety of subjects in the posts section (accessible in the column on the left hand side of the page). If you’re interested in being notified when the fresh sheet comes out each day simply follow me on Twitter by clicking on the follow button in the top right hand corner of this page.
(November 5, 2014 – Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)


I’ve added this lovely photo of Victoria’s natural beauty not just so you can ‘pin’ my website but also because I think it is a really good metaphor for employment in the city. Because you may not realize it but this photo is not of a Garry Oak meadow but is actually a snapshot of an electrical box in my neighbourhood. Yes, even here in Lotus Land not everything is as it seems and you need a job – you can’t live on air after all.

The first three months of 2012 are nearly over and big changes are on the way for me. In September 2012 I will begin a Master’s in Public Health in Sweden. I am pretty sure that I will be attending Uppsala University since I have been admitted there but there is still, I’m guessing, a small chance I could also be admitted to the Karolinska Institute’s program where I am on a waitlist. I’ll be leaving Canada at the end of June since accommodation is notoriously hard to find in Sweden’s ‘university towns’ and I want to get a jump on the arriving hordes. Stay tuned for more news.


Welcome to 2012. The job I mentioned in the paragraph below has slid from 25 hours a week to 15 and so I’ve now got more time to devote to this blog and other projects. I’m going to make a commitment to do a post every Friday by 9:00 pm Pacific Time (or else have a damn good excuse why I didn’t) as well as the fresh sheet every weekday. I may even join Facebook (should I or has Google+ made it obsolete?) – love to have your opinion on that if you’d care to comment below or send me an email at susan at yyjworks dot com. I’m also going to get back into tweeting. (January 6, 2012)


I’ve left my earlier introduction below although much of it no longer applies. I now have my own domain and although the blog isn’t perfect I’m pretty pleased with it. There are ads from our friends (they are our friends aren’t they?) at Google to try and at least recoup hosting costs. In the middle of August I’m starting a ‘real’ job that will probably be 3.5 days per week. That will of course cut into the time I can spend on this blog but despite that I do hope to expand the site by adding editorial content on a variety of issues and static pages on topics like Victoria’s biggest employers and the essential tools that every 21st century job hunter should have in their tackle box. Stay tuned. (July 29, 2011)


Welcome to my humble blog. I hope that you’ll find it useful and that you’ll tell all your Victoria-resident (or Victoria-bound) job-hunting friends about it. After getting started, both with this blog and with blogging in general, with Blogger I’ve left that platform and made the move to WordPress. This move was partially prompted by Blogger’s recent day-long outage as well as a desire to learn WordPress. Of course blogs taking advantage of WordPress.com‘s free service can’t have ads so monetization will have to wait. But perhaps this is for the best – let’s see if I can build a following and some steady traffic before I invest in the admittedly low cost option of going it on my own.

Most of this blog is built around pages but I’ll add more bloggy (meaning real-time, reactive and interactive posts rather than more static information) content as we go. Hope you visit often (although ideally I’ll be so successful at helping you find work that you will come back out of interest rather than because you’re still searching for a job). (May 19, 2011)

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