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15) Wrap up

I hope you found my series on pumping up your job search readiness (JSR) helpful (here’s the Pump up your Job Search Readiness series as a PDF). Remember, it is never too late to start, so even if you are reading this long after it was originally published (on the last day of 2014) there is no reason that you can’t get going and charge up your JSR. Why not set yourself a target of 2-3 weeks to work through all the posts and then, bright and early on a Monday morning, commit yourself to a series of daily and weekly goals for your job search process (i.e. number of jobs applied for, informational interviews arranged or new connections made). Here’s a list of the posts and links directly to them to help you get going:

  1. Set goals and track your progress – figuring out your baseline and how to set realistic goals
  2. Work that LinkedIn headline – why the LinkedIn headline is so important and how to make yours compelling
  3. Getting recommendations on LinkedIn – there’s gold in them there recommendations – learn how to get them
  4. Know thyself! – do you know what your world-class at?
  5. Who’s got your dream job and what can you learn from them? – by looking at the profile of people with your ‘dream job’ you can perhaps see a way to get there yourself
  6. Dissect Your LinkedIn profile – deconstruct and analyze your LinkedIn profile and rebuild it better
  7. Stretch – what can going outside your comfort zone do for your job search?
  8. Be of service – don’t make it all about you – sometimes the best way to help yourself is to help someone else
  9. Reframe your thinking – is your glass half empty or half full – and how does your attitude affect your job search
  10. Invest in yourself – with time and money! – are you being careful with your money or just cheap – sometimes it pays to spend
  11. Create and PERFECT a ‘base’ resume – you’ll feel much more confident with a foundational resume ready to be tweaked and submitted at a moments notice
  12. Get your references ready to roll – references need to be ready to submit in a jiffy with that resume – be prepared
  13. Get out from behind the screen – are you spending so much time at the computer you’re losing social skills by the minute – it’s not helping your job search (you knew that though)
  14. Practice your pitch – are you pitch perfect – I’m not talking about singing here

If you found the series helpful and/or if you implemented any of these suggestions I’d love to hear your comments – either submit them below or send me an email at susan at yyjworks.com.

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