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Get yourself started – focus on one great day at a time

The first Monday of 2015 is tomorrow and I’m hoping that you are energized and feeling positive about the year ahead – especially if you are looking for (better) work here in Victoria, British Columbia. If you’re not feeling all that jazzed up about a New Year I’ve got some tips for you to check out.

If procrastination is your problem you owe it to yourself to read Eric Barker’s post about the ‘I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna’ syndrome. And promise me RIGHT NOW that you won’t simply read his post but summarize it (even if that just means simply copying out the ‘Sum Up’ section at the end) into your notebook (you’ve got one of those right – research has shown that actually writing things down is one of the most effective ways to change behaviours) and resolve to get started on it with a fun personal starting ritual TOMORROW.

If you don’t have a problem getting started but aren’t sure what exactly you should be doing in terms of job search give Alison Doyle’s 30-day free training class a try. You might also want to follow Alison on LinkedIn – she posts lots of interesting articles and resources that can apply to job seekers anywhere.

Finally, if you have goals in mind and have no problem getting started but need some encouragement you might find this Q&A session with Michael Hyatt helpful. Best of luck with setting and reaching goals, overcoming procrastination and working through a successful job search process.

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