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How to hack the ‘job search’ (on WorkBC at least)

I recently spent some time on the WorkBC job search site and found some shortcuts and ideas that I think you might find helpful. Here’s a brief, ‘way-too-late-to-be-blogging’ piece that might help you navigate around the site more efficiently.

Set up your ‘base’ search
To get started go to the advanced search on the WorkBC site. Put in some preliminary criteria to search on – say for example a location of Victoria, BC; a distance of 10km in the ‘Display jobs within:’ drop down box and a date range of from two weeks ago until today (this info is input in the lower left hand corner of the page). Click on the Find Jobs button and watch the magic happen (okay – it’s late, I apologize).

Take note of what is in your address bar
Have a look at what is in your address bar. The address bar is the space on your browser where you type in the web address (URL) of the site you want to visit. In fact don’t just look at it but click on it, copy it and paste it into a document (anything will do – a Notepad or Wordpad document will be fine). At first you might think this is just gobbledy gook but when you look a little closer you can actually see that the search criteria you specified by clicking is specified in that long string. You can save that string and re-use it as is or modify it. So for example if I quickly wanted to see jobs that had been posted in the last two weeks on subsequent days I would just modify the following string:


so that the StartDate was set for two weeks ago and the EndDate was today’s date, copy it from my document, paste it into my address bar and hit return.

Experiment and see the job listings you want in the blink of an eye
You can set up multiple search strings in a document – say for example ones with different keywords like the examples below:




Mess around on the site. Learn what different codes and numbers in the search string mean and you’ll soon be able to pull up just the jobs you want to see in seconds. And yes, of course you could register on the site and simply save these searches but perhaps you’re happier being registered at as few places as possible. Plus it looks to me like you may be limited to only 10 Job Alerts if you register with WorkBC and using this method you can have as many as you like. Have fun with this!

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