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Update on YYJWorks’ immediate future

My pal R came over the other day to talk YYJWorks with me. She finds it a valuable resource and didn’t realize that the blog is completely a labour of love (not so much love lately but you know what I mean) on my part and that there is no compensation other than knowing that I’ve (hopefully) helped out some Victoria job seekers. I told her why I started the blog, how long it takes me to create the fresh sheet (somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes each week day) and why I’m feeling kind of blah about it lately.

I thought that somewhere on the blog I had written about why I started YYJWorks but now that I look for it I can’t find it. So here’s why. In March of 2011 I came back from 10 weeks in India. The trip had been a gift to myself for having completed my undergrad degree before my self-imposed deadline of the big five-oh. I had actually finished classes at the end of 2010 and I think by this point I was already planning on going to Sweden to do a Master’s. I just needed a job, any job, to tide me over for the 15 or so months until I headed off to Sweden.

That turned out to be easier said than done and I didn’t actually find work until August of 2011 and then the job went from a perfect 20ish hours a week down to 15 or less by the time I left. I’d never had such problems before during the almost 20 years I’d lived in Victoria. As an attempt to help myself and others I launched this blog soon after returning and now almost four years later I am still at it.

R’s visit made me think that I should keep going for a bit longer but find some ways to make the task less onerous. In the short term I am concentrating on the Data Science specialization through Coursera doing two courses every four weeks – the ones I am doing right now (Statistical Inference and Regression Models) will end on March 29th. Then there will just be two left. I’m going to take myself off for a weekend somewhere to celebrate being done (presuming of course I pass – hopefully I will).

So until mid-May (coincidentally when YYJWorks will be four years old) I will continue doing fresh sheets but probably just twice a week. If YYJWorks is valuable to you or you have some ideas about how I might be able to monetize it in some small way without landing in jail (read about that here) do let me know by commenting below or sending me mail at susan at yyjworks dot com. Good luck at the job fair tomorrow if you’re going and if you’d like to take me out for coffee some time and talk to me about your ideas for how to make YYJWorks even more useful and helpful do get in touch.

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