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Aggregators for All!

An aggregator – or I guess more specifically a job aggregator – is simply a fancy name for a website that is automatically built by software that scurries around the Internet (nice image huh) collecting job openings posted by employers and from other online sources (i.e. sites like Hcareers which lists jobs in hospitality). Some rely solely on this method of collecting openings from other sites (called ‘web scraping‘ or simply ‘scraping’) while others, for example ZipRecruiter’s job board, accept job listings directly from employers while also scraping other sites. In a future post I’ll write about how to evaluate aggregator quality (keep in mind that your evaluation will be influenced by your particular job search needs) but for now here is a list of eight aggregators that you might want to put on your long list (in brackets behind each is the number of jobs posted within 10km of Victoria within the last week for comparison among the different sites).

  • eluta (1,009 – although there is no way to restrict this only to jobs posted in the last week)
  • Glassdoor (232 jobs)
  • Government of Canada Job Bank (852 jobs – however this job search only allows you to specify Vancouver Island and Coast region so you are seeing jobs outside of Victoria and also has no way to restrict to only show jobs listed in the last 7 days)
  • Indeed (362 jobs)
  • Neuvoo (1,142 jobs)
  • SimplyHired (174 jobs)
  • WorkBC (109 jobs)
  • ZipRecruiter  (13 jobs – I’ve just included it so you can see that at least for this part of Canada it doesn’t actually seem to be worth using)

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