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Makes you so sick of talking about how fantastic you are! I’ve gone on an application blitz for the past two weeks—I had lofty goals of two per weekday (or 10 per week). That hasn’t happened but since January 6, 2016 I have submitted 11 applications. Frankly I find it exhausting to try and find different ways to present my skills and aptitudes to show how they match what is in the job description. And I do try to make my cover letters a little more human and (dare I say) fun as I am sure that the typical HR screening person (or machine? does your average ATS have a sense of humour?) is ready to gouge their eyes out by the end of a day reviewing applications. Here’s your weekly haiku inspired by this fatiguing exercise of ‘packaging’ your talents and experiences in this way.

Jan 21 Haiku(1)

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