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Fridge Philosophy

What does your refrigerator (the outside not what’s on the inside—that’s a discussion for another day on another website) say about your attitude toward life, where you’ve been and where you’re going? Here’s my fridge (at least from the waist up) and what the items on it mean to me.

half size fridge

First up, in the top left hand corner, is a treasured fridge magnet of Stockholm. This was given to me by classmate Sulochana as a memento of the two years I spent studying in Sweden (at Uppsala University in Uppsala—70km north of Stockholm). Next is a (very obviously) homemade ‘inspirational’ poster bearing a quote from Seth Godin (“Do work that you can believe in.”). Finally on the top row, at the far right, is a postcard from the Seychelles sent by another classmate from Sweden (Bashir).

Okay, on to the middle row. The Frozen dry-erase board is thanks to the local dollar store—what can I say, they didn’t have any plain business-like (and boring) white ones. I’ve never seen the movie (should I?). Next to it is the elegant and beautifully designed postcard that author Debbie Weil sent out to some lucky readers of her newsletter late last year. Isn’t it cool? About a year ago I was one of several winners of a book give-away that Debbie held but because I was in Canada she suggested a Skype book coaching session instead. We just did that this morning (my procrastination—not hers) and it was a great metaphorical kick-in-the-butt. As you might have guessed the book will be about finding (better) employment in Victoria and 2016 will be the year I write it (hopefully well before my July birthday).

To the right of the postcard is a ticket stub from a visit to the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence on September 19, 2012—this isn’t mine (although I did visit when I was there in 2006)—rather it was being used as a bookmark in a library book that I recently borrowed. I couldn’t resist keeping it and putting it on display. The final object is a handout from a pop up shop run for a few days over the holidays by the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society. The handout tells the reader where to get more information if you are interested in helping sponsor refugees to come to Victoria.

Finally on the bottom row, partially concealed by the postcard, is a document I put together for some friends and myself to help capture information useful in a medical emergency (who is our primary care physician, what are the names and contact details of those who we would want informed of our crisis etc). About ten of us are working together to put in place what we want to happen and who we want to be involved in the case of a health emergency that leaves us temporarily (or more gloomily permanently) unable to speak for ourselves. It’s not exactly a happy topic (it goes by the name Advance Care Planning here in Canada) but it’s interesting to hear how others feel about what makes life meaningful, where they would want treatment to stop and how such situations have played out—often badly—in their own circles. The last item is a receipt from the marvelous Bulk Barn; they do a fabulous deal where when you spend $15 or more at one time during a specific time period you’ll receive a $5 gift card upon presentation of this special receipt.

It seems my fridge reflects some strongly held personal values. My love of travel, my belief in doing honourable work and my recognition of mortality are all evident. How about you–what’s on your fridge and what, if anything, do you think it says you and your life? Tweet a photo to @YYJWorks with the hashtag #fridgephil

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