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Aggregators for All!

| September 9, 2015

An aggregator – or I guess more specifically a job aggregator – is simply a fancy name for a website that is automatically built by software that scurries around the Internet (nice image huh) collecting job openings posted by employers and from other online sources (i.e. sites like Hcareers which lists jobs in hospitality). Some […]

Twitter for YYJ Job Seekers

| January 18, 2015

I think (and so do lots of others in the recruiting/job search field) that Twitter is a fabulous tool for job seekers (here are links to my two articles on using Twitter for your job search – Part 1 and Part 2). But most of what is written about using Twitter is, not surprisingly, international […]

Job Alerting Services Revisited

| June 22, 2011

As with other posts on this blog I am revisiting topics and websites that I looked at when the blog was new (now over 4 years ago). I have kept the original post at the end of the page and fixed and/or removed broken links and inserted comments where necessary. Let’s see which of the […]