All About Employment in Victoria, BC

Looking deeper into the sales and service sector and a focus on The Empress

| January 29, 2015

There is no denying that the sales and service sector which is numerically Victoria’s biggest employment sector has taken a beating in the past few years. As this Globe and Mail piece on closures in Canada relates several retailers – big and not so big – have pulled out of Canada lately although the only […]

Focus on The Empress & Series Wrap Up

| June 15, 2012

My final article in this series on Victoria’s Biggest Employers is a more indepth look at the venerable Empress Hotel which has presided over the city’s Inner Harbour for more than 100 years. But, as I have mentioned in earlier postings, despite its age, there is absolutely nothing stuffy or laggardly about the hotel itself […]

Focus on Victoria’s Biggest Employers – Retail/Service, Finance & Hospitality Sector

| June 1, 2012

Just a note to readers – I have ‘lumped together’ the finance, hospitality and service/retail employers listed in the CRD document I’ve been using as a reference for this series of posts to form Victoria’s 5th biggest employer. This is not strictly accurate since the BC Economy Guide would put these three sectors as making […]