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Employer Resources

This blog is intended for job seekers but I’ve also included some pages with resources for those with jobs to fill. Details on how these pages are arranged are below. Let’s get started.

Blog Structure

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Employer Resources

On the Agencies page employers (and potential employees too – you can look anywhere you like on this website) can find a list of agencies in Victoria along with some basic details about the company, such as if they specialize in a particular industry or sector (technology, health care), their size and length of time in the Victoria area. These agencies usually offer an entire service – posting jobs online and in publications (both print and online), collecting applications, shortlisting and potentially even interviewing and giving the employer a final list of the best (or two or three best) candidates for a position.

Job Boards
The job boards for employers page has a list of places where employers can submit job openings in the Victoria area. This is not exactly the same as Agencies above since these are simply places that list jobs – they do not accept applications or in any way take over portions (or all) of the hiring process.

Wage Subsidy and Other Programs
The wage subsidy and other programs page lists government programs (both federal and provincials) that help to subsidize wages for employees. These can (I stress ‘can’) work to the advantage of both employer and employee but many have a bad reputation with workers. They are presented here for information only.

The Networking for employers page lists some places where employers can get together to discuss issues such as hiring and firing, employee engagement, morale boosting and ways to reduce workplace problems, such as absenteeism and bullying.

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