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Job Boards for Employers

On these sites you can post a job either directly (as with craigslist) or by registering with the site and then submitting your job posting. If the site is not a free service this is indicated. This page differs from the agencies page because the sites on this page simply offer you a place to post your job and/or collect resumes and applications. They do not perform any evaluation of potential employees past this point.

  • craigslist – is this a worthwhile resource? do ‘real’ employers actually use it? I won’t give my opinion but will say that I have seen legitimate jobs posted on craigslist and the service is free for posters
  • WorkBC – this provincial government site offers employers a free job posting service
  • you don’t need to be a VIATeC member to submit jobs to their job board but it will cost you more than twice as much ($225 versus $100) to do so if you are not, emphasis is on high-tech jobs, memberships start at $370 plus $5 per employee in the company to a maximum of $1,050 with special rates for startups and businesses located north of the Malahat
  • Workopolis – as of July 2013 a 30-day posting of a job in Western Canada is $595 (wow!)
  • Monster.ca – is $20 cheaper than Workopolis ($575 for 30 days) but doesn’t seem to have a pricing scheme that has varying pricing depending where in Canada you are

2 Responses to “Job Boards for Employers”

  1. Connie McConnell says:

    Hi there:

    I am hoping to post 2 hi level dev jobs here on your site. We are posting to Viatec as well but how can I get the listing up here?



    • Susan says:

      Connie – I check the Viatec board daily and include the jobs I find there in the daily fresh sheet but you are also welcome to send me your job postings directly to susan at yyjworks.com – completely up to you and if you decide after I post the jobs as they appear on Viatec’s board that you’d prefer me to post in some different way let me know. Thanks for supporting YYJWorks in this way – it is appreciated.

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