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TL/DR (too long/didn’t read) summary:

  • YYJWorks.com is going offline on July 20, 2017
  • to bring it back I need to see evidence that people are willing to support the site and me – its creator (either monetarily or by collaborating with me to create and promote the site)
  • if enough people (1,000) show their support I commit to bringing YYJWorks.com back by the end of 2017
  • if you are willing to commit to supporting YYJWorks see the form directly below
  • if you want to know more read the extended version of this post

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I'm stepping up to be one of the thousand fans that will bring YYJWorks.com back before the end of 2017. I'm interested in:Fresh sheets* published 2-3 times per week (*list of newly posted jobs gathered from all over the Internet)Interviews with and profiles of local employersArticles about the changing world of work (with a local focus)Highlighting and in-depth exploration of individual job postingsPersonalized paid services (help with job applications, job search)something else not mentioned here - mention it below in the text box

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Extended version

On July 20, 2017 YYJWorks.com will cease to exist in its present form. Let me explain.

The site began as a free (to me) site on wordpress.com in May 2011 and sometime later I moved it into its own domain and hosted it with a paid service since I was not able to monetize it in any of the usual ways (i.e. getting advertising) on wordpress.com. But I never gave the site the time and commitment required to turn it into even a ‘break even’ proposition. I have decided that the time has come to either sh*t or get off the pot. I can no longer rationalize spending time and money (in the form of hosting fees) on the site without getting anything in return (although I fully acknowledge that 95% of the blame can be laid at my feet for not being more dedicated to finding ways to monetize it and/or make its maintenance more efficient). So I won’t be renewing my hosting account in July.

But this doesn’t mean that YYJWorks.com has to go away completely and/or forever. If there is sufficient ‘willing-to-step-up’ interest I will bring the site back in a new, improved (well, I’ll try) and more relevant form before the end of 2017. What do I mean by ‘willing-to-step-up’ interest? I mean at least 1,000 people who are ready to commit to supporting YYJWorks.com with a minimum of either a $2/month donation* (for at least a year) or, if money is an issue, are willing to support the site by undertaking 30-60 minutes per month (again for 12 months at least) of ‘amplification actions’ (i.e. sharing YYJWorks with your contacts, writing a guest post for the site, introducing me to your employer either virtually or IRL or both, participating in hashtag campaigns on Twitter). Amplification actions won’t be dreary, spammy or icky – they’ll be fun and quirky and we’ll learn together as we go. I don’t expect to collect 1,000 supporters in 2 months so the form will be posted somewhere else after July 20, 2017 and stay live until the end of October 2017.

What do you say YYJWorks.com visitor? Is what I provide on YYJWorks worth it to you? Do you want to support a local site that can, with some help from YOU, develop into a resource that can’t take the place of the big players in terms of exhaustive coverage but can offer something far more valuable; on the ground expertise enhanced by group knowledge, input and collaboration from (at least) a thousand true fans. If you’re ready to commit skip to the form and count yourself in!


*Of course if you commit to a donation I can in no way enforce this but I believe that people are willing (nay, happy!) to pay for something that is truly of value to them. I hope to demonstrate that what YYJWorks.com brings you is worth far more than a modest donation.

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