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It can be tough finding a job in Victoria whether you’re a newcomer or have lived here for a long time. I started this blog when I was searching for a job in Victoria myself (in 2011 after returning from 10 weeks abroad) and having a very hard time of it (which was not my experience previously – and I have lived in Victoria off and on since 1992). I returned from Sweden in late July 2014 and now, just a few weeks later, I am beginning to ramp up and revise this site with the objective of making it into the best truly local (and therefore tuned in more closely than the giants like Monster and Workopolis can hope to be) resource for job seekers.

My philosophy is that things have gotten so tricky in Victoria that the best approach is for jobseekers to collaborate on finding jobs and assist each other as much as possible. Yes, I realize that to some it might seem counterproductive to help others looking for work since you may be in direct competition with that person but I believe that what goes around comes around and also that if you don’t get something you have your heart set on it can be because there is something better waiting for you around the next corner (or perhaps I only find it encouraging to think that way).

This blog is primarily intended for job hunters but I’ve also included some pages with resources for those with jobs to fill. More about both aspects of the blog are below. Let’s get started.

Blog Structure

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Job Seeker Resources

Job Bulletins and Online Job Boards

On the Job Bulletins and Online Job Boards page you’ll find links to the daily fresh sheet (newly listed jobs) as well as links to jobs closing in the current month and those closing after the current month ends and with no closing date specify. You might wonder if I scan each and every job board that’s available on line – the answer is no. I don’t pull job listings from Craigslist, Monster.ca, Workopolis or other ‘conglomeration’ type sources. If you think that I should feature listings from one of these sources send me a compelling email and I’ll consider it. And if there is an online job board I’ve missed please let me know. Also keep in mind that although I call it a ‘daily fresh sheet’ it may in fact not come out every day if I am away on vacation – sometimes a girl just likes to unplug.

Skills Upgrading

On the Skills Upgrading page I’ve divided the information into two major categories – soft and hard. Soft are those that aren’t really quantifiable or measurable – things like ‘dealing with difficult people’ or workplace diversity training. Hard are those with tests, measurements and acknowledged/recognized levels. Things like medical terminology, keyboarding skills, software mastery and first aid. Obviously this list could go on forever and where do you draw the line between ‘skill upgrading’ and post-secondary education? For this website I have used an arbitrary cut off of six months. That is anything that takes longer than six months to complete is considered as more than skill upgrading and is not included.


On the networking page I started off with the idea that I would have a calendar of events but that is being done already by many others and why re-invent the wheel. So instead you’ll see on this page links to places where you can go to see what’s upcoming. Following that there’s a short list of some organizations/groups that you might be interested in checking out. As always, if you know of a site I should be including do let me know by dropping me an email at susanzmartin at yyjworks.com

Job Hunting Services

I was going to split the Job Hunting Services page into two sections – one for those companies that produce a tangible product like a resume and the other for those that provide a service like finding you a job but I soon discovered that nobody is just doing resumes anymore. Even the place that calls itself Resume Hut offers work finding and recruitment services to both job seekers and employers.

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  1. Hi,
    Love your website. Check out mine. I have been doing employment counselling in Victoria for 16 years and offer services of resumes, cover letters, interview preparation, job search skills, career assessment, etc. It is all customized as to what the client wants. If it is just a resume or cover letter they want that is what they get.
    Marilyn Henigman

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